Donate your fencing gear! is a project aiming at collecting from high-performance fencers their used equipment, safe and still in good conditions, to be donated to fencers living in disadvantaged realities and challenging environments.

It was approved by the FIE Executive Committee gathered in Nice on the 17th of February 2017.

The project rests on the FIE Statutes basic principles:

“In order for the fencing world to progress as a whole, solidarity between the strong and the weak is an undeniable requisite, whether it be between continents, federations or athletes.

This vision must become real. Our common singular motto: fencing together, universal fencing.”

The FIE regularly provides the National Federations members with brand-new equipment donation aiming at:

1) supporting the NFs to organise competitions

2) endowing high-performance athletes with appropriate equipment for FIE official competitions.

Beside the Help in Equipment program, the FIE has developed Donate your fencing gear! as a Sport-for-all and Sport-for-hope program, to broader the grassroots of fencing and bring the sport to underprivileged areas, where the cost of the equipment prevents people living in a challenging environment to be acquainted with the sport.

The used equipment collected through the donation of high-performance athletes and manufacturers will be distributed to the National Federations requesting it that meet the relevant criteria, and according to the rules mentioned in this document.

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