“Fencing is for Everyone”: World Fencing Day 2023

LAUSANNE, Switz., Sept. 1, 2023 – “Fencing is for Everyone” is the 2023 theme for World Fencing Day, taking place on Saturday, September 9, providing a message of inclusiveness and diversity to the global fencing family and its numerous communities.

Fencing has been a continuous and vibrant sport from the beginning of the modern-day Olympic movement in 1896, making strides to include people of all ages, ethnicity, heritage, culture, religion and skill levels.

The International Fencing Federation (FIE) endeavors to embrace all people, inviting them to experience its diversity and enduring qualities, whether as an athlete, coach, official or supporter. “Fencing is for Everyone” expresses the essence of our sport in a simple but powerful statement designed to encourage all people to be involved.

The full 2023-2024 calendar of fencing events worldwide include competitions at regional, national and international levels for youth, senior and veteran fencers, giving its 155-member organisation unlimited opportunities to reach existing participants and those new to the sport a chance to be part of our world community. Our competitions include 12 events in each age category in men’s and women’s individual and team events in epee, foil and sabre.

We encourage all our members to make World Fencing Day a key date for communicating fencing to the world and celebrating its continued success as an Olympic sport.

How will you join in the “Fencing is for Everyone” festivities, as it applies to your life? Please participate in World Fencing Day this year and send your videos, stories and photos to be posted on FIE social media! Be creative along with your fellow fencers, coaches and others and share fencing with your family, friends and others in your community!

Here are FIE World Fencing Day 2022 banners for you to use, click here to download them.

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