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FIE Congress 2011

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The 2012 Veterans World Championships will be in Krems (AUT). Varna (BUL) is candidate for the 2013 edition. In addition, the Congress called for candidatures for the 2013 and 2014 Cadet and Junior World Championships.
The FIE Congress awarded the French Fencing Federation (FFE) with the Challenge “Chevalier Feyerick” for the outstanding organisation and delivery of the 2010 Senior World Championships in Paris (FRA). The award is given each year to individuals or organisations in order to honour exceptional contributions to the fencing movement.

The Congress was honoured by the attendance of Mr Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, Mr David Cohen, Executive Vice President Comcast, and Mr. Larry Probst, Chairman of the US Olympic Committee. “We appreciated very much the opportunity to welcome Mayor Nutter, Mr Cohen and Mr Probst at the Congress. The US Olympic Committee is a valuable stakeholder and NBC, owned by Comcast, is one of the most important partners of the Olympic Movement," said Sunil Sabharwal, Member of the FIE Executive Committee and Chairman of the Congress Organising Committee.  

On Friday, 2 December, the FIE Executive Committee had already decided to implement wireless epee at Olympic Games, World Championships and Grand Prix competitions. All three weapons, foil, sabre, and epee, are wireless now.

During the FIE Gala on 4 December, the top ranked junior and senior fencers 2010/2011 were honoured for their outstanding performances with the FIE medal. Before, the senior athletes participated as “World Team” in an exciting mixed show match up to 30 touches against a “Team USA”, represented by the best US fencers in the respective disciplines. The World Team led by Paolo Pizzo (ITA), SUN Yujie (CHN), Mariel Zagunis (USA), GU Bon Gil (KOR, replacement for Alexey Yakimenko, RUS), Elisa Di Francisca (ITA) and Andrea Cassara (ITA) dominated from the middle of the match and beat “Team US” 30:22. Every fencer received prize money of 2000 EUR.

Maxim Paramonov, Secretary General of the FIE, said after the Congress: “We made good progress here in Philadelphia. The FIE is constantly continuing with its work. Now we have to implement all decisions taken in the right way. We want to be more efficient and constructive in the future and progress continuously. We would like to thank the city of Philadelphia for being a great host. Everything was very well organised and according to highest standards."


Top ranked senior fencers 2010/2011

Women’s epee: SUN Yujie (CHN)
Men’s epee: Paolo Pizzo (ITA)
Women’s foil: Elisa Di Francisca (ITA)
Men’s foil: Andrea Cassara (ITA)
Women’s sabre: Mariel Zagunis (USA)
Men’s sabre: Alexey Yakimenko (RUS)

Top ranked junior fencers 2010/2011

Women’s epee: Tatiana Gudkova (RUS)
Men’s epee: Marco Fichera (ITA)
Women’s foil: Alice Volpi (ITA)
Men’s foil: Edoardo Luperi (ITA)
Women’s sabre: Anna Marton (HUN)
Men’s sabre: Matyas Szabo (GER)

US fencers participating in the World vs Team US match

Women’s epee: Courtney Hurley
Men’s epee: Soren Thompson
Women’s foil: Lee Kiefer
Men’s foil: Alexander Massialas
Women’s sabre: Ibtihaj Muhammad
Men’s sabre: Tim Morehouse


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